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Process Stages

We support the complete Software-Life-Cycle of a product.
In the phases listed below, each step in the "allgemeines Vorgehensmodell" is explained:
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In "Allgemeines Vorgehensmodell" a Validation is as follows:
  • Acceptance Test vs. Requirements
  • System Test vs. Design 1 (System Architecture)
  • Integration Test vs. Design 2 (Requirements and Specification)
  • Component Test vs. Design 3 (Specification Software and IT-Concept)
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Tests may be conducted manually; most, however, are automated. Automation has the greater advantage, because many tests can be carried out in a short time with little effort.
In any event, the automated test cases must be produced. These test cases must be optimized if the software changes.

There are many Test Tools available on the market for both manual and automatic testing.

The range of functions, the integration of the functions, and the costs are all relevant factors in choosing the right tool.

Not to be underestimated is the administrative effort required in using these tools.

A necessary building block in the Test Management Process is the Test Plan. It describes all testing steps in a project.

IEEE 29119 (previously IEEE 829) is the documentation standard for Test Plan. This standard provides the actual arrangement for the Test Planung Process.

Included in a Test Plan are, for example:
  • Procedure
  • Ressources
  • Time Planning
  • Tasks/Test Objects
  • Description der Test Environment
  • Test Design Procedure
  • Risk Analysis
A good Test Plan helps the Test Manager prepare the entire Test Process.
We help you by
  • assisting in the choice of an optimal Tool Selection (incl. Test Automation)
  • taking over manual Documents in Test Systems and the Integration of Documents
  • producing and conducting IEEE-conform Test Concepts and the necessary detail planning documents
  • guaranteeing the Software Quality ISO 25000
We support you in the roles: Project Manager, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Tester and Scrum Master.
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