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Holger Mayer has several passions. In addition to his vocational interests, he is active in sports, particularly deep sea diving and tennis.

In my professional life, movies are an important tool to communicate products and ideas. Now they are a part of my freetime activities.

new website offers my latest impressions of a fascinating underwater world.

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Hoehle Holger

Tauchen Haie, Mantas

Hai frontal Haibiss Manta

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Muraene Muraenen Languste

Walking 10,000 steps a day for optimal health and longevity is recommended by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Counting your steps with a fitness tracker can increase motivation and make it easier to archive one´s health goals.

It's worth it for me and my own well-being. It´s also a good basis for successful project work.

You cannot stop time by holding the hand of a clock.
Work-life-balance is not possible without good time management.
We are working on it.
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