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Who We Are
We provide competency in:
  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Technology
  • Sociability
Knowing the strengths of one`s partners and benefitting from the synergy effects.
It is important to us to have a good working relationship.
Before taking on a project, we carefully examine the conditions.
A successful project always results in a win-win situation.

Projects, Project Management
Various factors can greatly influence a project`s success or failure.
Flexiblity and adaptability are major contributors to achieving a positive outcome.
We can support your projects in the roles of Project Manager, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Tester, and Scrum Master.

Project Management
The appropriate Project Management methodology and the proper skills are essential to project success.
We assist you in selecting appropriate Project Management methods and, if necessary, to develop an individual approach model.

Methods and Procedures
We are active in both worlds, Classical and Agile.
Regarding the customer, we are partners when it comes to the project.
We advise customers in decision making and support the implementation of either method.
Especially important, relevant success factors are:
  • Usage of Best-Practices
  • Frequent contact and good communication with customers
  • Integration of developers
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Iterative process and timeboxing
  • Increased transparency

Capability Maturity Models
To choose the appropriate Capability Maturity Model and to optimize the process is our goal.

Test Management Process
All the important tasks, initiated at the right time, in calculated detail and quality, are significant factors in the success of the Test Management Process.
We support you competently throughout the entire Test Management Process.

Roles in Testing
Filling each role with a competent team member is a success factor for each project.
We support you in the roles: Project Manager, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Tester, and Scrum Master.

Process Steps
We help you by
  • assisting in the choice of an optimal Tool Selection (incl. Test Automation)
  • taking over manual Documents in Test Systems and the Integration of Documents
  • producing and conducting IEEE-conform Test Concepts and the necessary detail planning documents
  • guaranteeing the Software Quality ISO 25000
We support you in the roles: Project Manager, Test Manager, Test Analyst, Tester and Scrum Master.

Step: Requirement
We support you in the Requirement Management Process with
  • Analysis of the requirements
  • Production of the necessary documentation
  • Integration of the Tools
  • Review-Process

Step: Design
In this step of the Product-Life-Cycle, our primary role is to deliver facts and information to the Business Analysts / System Analysts or Architects.

Step: Implementation
The Software Architecture plays a big role in the tests. The early participation of the Test Manager is very important to the process.

Test Levels
The definition and set up of each test step is a responsibility of the Test Manager:
  • Test Concept
  • Test Plan
  • Test Steps Plan
Component Testing
This test step should be performant in agreement with the Test Manager and Development:
  • the amount
  • the kind of tests
  • the documentation
The incorrect realization of the test procedure can have enormous consequences on the following steps.

Integration Testing
An optimal Integration Strategy is very important to the timely workflow and cost effectiveness.
The avoidance of integration mistakes and the use of Continous-Integration are secured through the Test Manager.

System Testing
In the System Test we control which functional and non-functional quality aspects should be tested.
In every requirement/test case it must be determined whether it should be tested manually or automatically.

Acceptance Testing
We support customers by planning and executing the User Acceptance Test (UAT).
After the release of the artifacts by the Test Manager/Project Manager, we help with the pilot project and the rollout of the release.

Software Quality
We support the planning and execution of the test process on time, completely, effectively and efficiently.

Don't wait till it happens.
Make sure that all important Security Tests have been carried out.
We help you do it.

The test of the quality characteristic Usability can be of greater or lesser importance, depending on the target group or the legal regulations.
We analyze the environment, test the Usability, and help the user achieve a positive user experience.

Efficiency Tests are carried out timely in the planning and execution.
Usually no project runs perfectly and Service Level Agreements (SLA) should be respected.
We optimize the efficiency.

Defect Management
We offer you support in all relevant process tasks, such as:
  • Design of the Status Model
  • Settings of Priorities and Severity
  • Analysis and choice of the Management-Tool
  • Classification of defects
  • Design of the Error Metrics
  • Agreement of Service-Levels and the Escalation Procedures
  • Adaptation of ITIL-Processes
We recognize the "obstacles" before they are evident in the process and take care to eliminate them before they become a problem.
In the role of Scrum Master, management of Impediments is one of the main tasks.

Defect Management Process
We perform
  • choice of the appropriate Defect Management Tool
  • design of the appropriate status model
  • design of the workflows
  • planning of the adequate metrics of bugs
We make sure that the Defect Management Process lives.

Classical Testing Mistakes
Well, who knows where the cliffs are during the test?
We must recognize the "obstacles" before they are evident in the process. Take care of them and eliminate them in time before they become a problem.

Special: BI, Data Warehouse
The expectations of a well functioning Data Warehouse System are extremely high.
Often expectations and reality fall far apart.
We try to close this gap.

Special: Risk Management
Risk Management, especially in software development, is essential in order to minimize risks.
Through timely identification, analysis, and control of risks, the Test Manager is able to optimize the test plan and the test process, reducing project and product risks.
We support you in all phases of Risk Management insuring for adequate planning measures and their execution.

Special: Organization Management
Organization Management in software development is essential.
We support you in every area of Organization Management and insure for the adaptation of a suitable migration from a classical organization into an agile organization.

Special: Scrum Framework
Scrum offers many advantages in software development.
We analyze an intended plan for optimal realization and advise and support/coach the use of Scrum Management Framework.
We support both large and small Scrum projects, adapting a suitable migration from a classical organization to an agile organization.

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